Spiritual Empowerment 
For Empaths and Lightworkers

Helping healers, empaths and lightworkers
 live more of their life and soul purpose with ease.

STOP feeling overwhelmed with your empathic,
spiritual and sensitive gifts.

STOP hiding or being afraid of your beautiful gifts.

START unlocking, healing and harnessing
 those beautiful gifts and traits.

You were

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About Eileen

Eileen Burns, Empath, HSP and owner of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

Helps empaths, healers and therapists live more of their plife aand soul purpose.

Eileen a highly experiencedand compassionate  healer,  coach and therapist began studying healling and holistic wellbeing for 30 years.

She began her journey into healing through her own chronic and rare medical challenges and extreme experiences as a highly sensitive person and empath.

Who struggled with her spiritual gifts until she started owning more of her true passions and purpose.

Eileen Burns

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert