Unlock Your Magical Child Healing Sessions

Inner Child Healing and Coaching Sessions

Sometimes we have energetic blocks and trauma that stifles
our creativity, that suppresses our inner magic and awe.

This session is uniquely tailored to help you unlock

and heal more of your magical child, your creative child and innocent child.

To help you tap into more of your creative power,
to help you experience more passion,
to help you live more of your life and soul purpoe

It is an approx 45 min - 60 minute session

Special Offer £97

Normal Price £150

Eileen Burns is a highly qualified and experienced healer, coach and therapist who has been studying holistic and spiritual wellbeing for 30 years.

Eileen is highly empathic nurturer who is passionate about helping empaths and healers live more of their life and soul purpose.

A highly experienced stress therapist and meditation teacher who taught to all ages and sectors for  many years.

Who  has studied many forms of healing and therapeutic modalities including counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, inner child therapy, spiritual healing, channeling, metratronia therapy and so much more...

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