Empaths Essential

Energy Protection - Energy Clearing - Inner Child Healing
Resilience Tools for empaths, sensitives and healers
who want to become more energetically strong, protected and boundaried


STOP letting your empathic and sensitive traits
be your biggest burden.

STOP allowing other people's energy and emotions
into your energetic field.

And start turning your empathic and sensitive skills
into your greatest gifts

Learn how to create healthier energetic boundaries,

become more centred and grounded,

heal your empathic and sensitive inner child wounds

harness your most beautiful empathic and sensitive gifts,

into your greatest soul powers

Become The Empowered Empath
You Are Here To Be

✔ Feel Grounded and Centred

✔ More Energetically Boundaried

✔ Mentally and Emotionally Strong

✔ Increased Calm and Confidence

✔ Greater Clarity and Connection

✔ A Boost In Energy and Vitality


+ Bonus Audio's
over £444 worth of content

Grounding Toolkit

Learn how to get earthed,
 grounded and centred in your body
and in your energetic field

[Product worth £97]

Energy Protection Toolkit

Learn how to become more energetically protected and resilient to other energetic interferences, attachments, entities

Product worth £97

Inner Child - The Empathic & Sensitive Child

Empower your Empath and Sensitive Inner Child by understanding your Empathic and Sensitive Inner Child's needs and woundings.

Product Worth £97

Soothe Your Mother and Inner Child Archetype

In this session we explore and healing
the mother and inner child archetypes,
with an archetypal coaching and healing session

Product Worth £97

"Never has there been such an important time for us to stand in our power and sovereignty, become more soul-aligned and soul connected"

As a healer of 30 years who has dedicated most of my life to a deeply spiritual journey. Highly Investing and working with some of the most beautiful and amazing healers around the world.

I believe a strong part of my mission at this time is to help fellow lightworkers, healers, therapists and coaches, step into their purpose and mission with more strength and ease.

For more information about Eileen's Qualification's and Experience CLICK HERE

Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer, Therapist
and Spiritual Business Strategist

Happy clients and students

"...I am also learning to love myself.... Eileen has a way of making you see and learn things that I have never come across with anybody else. 

It's very obvious from the start that she is not just in this for the money, she actually cares and wants to help you empower and embrace yourself and your gifts, she is like a mentor and a friend and I am so grateful to have found Eileen.

 I have also learned that who better to invest in than yourself, when you can embrace your gifts and heal then you can give so much back to the world. Lorraine xxx"

   Lorraine Ohare

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