Soul Purpose Courses - Inner Child Healing - Archetype Healing

Helping Empaths and Healers Live
Their Life And Soul Purpose With More Ease


You know you are here to help make a difference,
you know you are being called to step up
and step forward at this time but...

Maybe your feeling stuck?
Maybe your feeling anxious, stressed,
frustrated or just confused?

You know in your heart and soul,
you are not living your full potential.

Maybe you are not attracting the clients
you know you are really here to work with?

Perhaps you have spent years, decades
studying all sorts of healing, holistic or spiritual practices.

But your still struggling to achieve a healthy bank balance
or a life with less stress.

It's Time For You

Time for you shine, time for you to unlock, own and share your gifts,
on a brand new level.

Eileen Burns is a highly qualified and experienced healer, coach and therapist who has been studying holistic and spiritual wellbeing for 30 years.

Owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club, Eileen is a highly experienced stress therapist,coach and mentor who is passionate about helping empaths, healers, therapists live more of their life and soul purpose.

You know you are in safe, supportive hands, eileen has studied many forms of healing and therapeutic modalities including counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, inner child therapy, spiritual healing, channeling, metratronia therapy, archetypes and so much more...

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