Ready to get more soul connected,
soul empowered?

For Awakened Lightworkers who know
 it's time to go soul deep, want to
step up in their life and soul mission,
 with deeper soul connection,
strength and power 

Soul Connection  -  Soul Power  -  Soul Mission


Awaken The Hero,
The Heroine Within

Tap into more of your Spiritual Power,
Strength and Courage in this archetypal
 coaching and healing session

Meet Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns is a highly qualified and experienced compassionate spiritual coach, healer, therapist and spiritual business strategist based in Scotland, UK.

Who is passionate about helping lightworkers get more soul deep in their healing, purpose and mission at this important time.

As the owner of both Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club and 30 years of study in the healing and holistic field, she brings a wealth of wisdom, insight and true dedication into her work.

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Is this You?

  • You are feeling lost, stuck or misaligned. 
  • Your soul is calling you to Step Up.
  • You know you are here with an important mission.
  • The work you're doing no longer feels aligned or
  • Struggling to attract the soul clients you're here to help. 

Let's Get You Soul Aligned

Here's how we can work together

SOUL empowering SESSIONS

One to one deep dive soul empowering - archetypal coaching and healing sessions with Eileen.

Soul-aligned Business and Marketing 

Soul-aligned Business and Marketing coaching/mentoring sessions with Eileen

Self-Paced Courses
and membership

Learn and explore at your own pace from a wide range of spiritual and soul empowering programs.

You're in SAFE HANDS

See what other clients are saying about Eileen

..I leave the classes feeling incredible, connected to source and bathed in love, and the healing and balancing effects stay with me. The meditations are the most effective I've ever encountered. The course is the real deal if you want to be more soul-aligned, more loving and more effective as a healer- thanks Eileen !

 - Maria

The Soul Connection Course has been a  valuable guiding light on my spiritual journey. Eileen is generous in sharing her wisdom and spiritual knowledge and keeps you safe as you advance through the stages of the Soul Connection Process. The grounding techniques and guided meditations are powerful in their gentleness, offering a cleansing and nurturing environment for reconnection with self and the stillness within. Enjoy the journey!

- Lou McIvor

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for Awakened lightworkers, Empaths and Sensitives

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