About Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns is a highly qualified and experienced coach, healer and therapist who has been studying holistic and spiritual wellbeing for 28 years.

She has dedicated the last 20 years to teaching other's empowering self-care, self-help and stress management skills.

A highly experienced stress therapist and meditation teacher who taught to all ages and sectors for 16 years.

Eileen now provides online self-help and online mentoring coaching programs for individuals, coaches, healers and therapists.

She specialises in working with empaths and highly sensitive people.

Qualifications and Training

Below is just some of Eileen's experience, qualifications and training.

University Courses

Advanced Stress Advisor, Stress Adviser
Life & Spiritual Coaching
Cogntive Behaviour Therapy
Biological Psychology
Cognitive Psychology


Colour Therapy
Flower Essences
Indian Head Massage

Certificates & Training

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master/ Teacher
Counselling, Counselling For M.E.
Guided Visualisation For Therapuetic Use
Mindfulness, Meditation, T.M. Quantum Entrainment
Stress Management- Handling Stress
Ultimate Therapist - EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy

Akashic Records Training
Soul Purpose Program, Deep Dive Intuition, 

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