Be Your Own Heroine - Hero Archetype

Be Your Own Heroine - Hero Archetype, learn how to be your own Heroine or Hero by tapping into the hero's archetypal traits and your inner child

Learn How To Be Your Own Hero through the Heroine or Hero Archetype.

Learn how to unlock more courage, strength and unwavering determination from by being your own hero, through accessing the Hero Archetype from the collective consciousness.


The Hero’s Journey

Every Hero’s Journey is a journey within as much as a journey through life. Traditionally the hero is someone who does something extraordinary or overcomes great challenges. They have to find the strength, courage and tenacity within.

In reality every single one of us have our own set of difficult and extreme life challenges. We all have the Hero or Heroin Archetype within us and in the collective. We all have the ability to overcome those challenges or rise above the perception of those challenges and suffering. We just need to be able to tap into our inner hero or Inner warrior.


The Hero Archetype

Well let’s first look at what an Archetype is


What is Archetypes?

Archetypes are regarded as specific traits, inclinations. behaviours. They are regarded as innate “psychic structures that play a part in how we experience and show up in life” The 12 Main Archetypes.

Carl Jung introduced us to Archetypes in his Jungian Archetypes and in the Jungian Concept of the Psyche. It is a way to categorise certain traits similar to personality and psychometric testing.


The Hero Archetype, The Heroine Archetype

The Hero Archetype is a collection of traits, patterns, behaviours that represents a persona that has the energy, strength, and fight for power, honour, or a just cause. The Hero Archetype’s sheer determination and tenacity mean they never give up. 

Now the shadow side of the hero Archetype often includes being extremely ambitious, controlling, and/or forceful…

The Heroine Or Hero Archetype has strong masculine energy to it.


The Highly Sensitive Victim

As someone who is a highly sensitive empath, whose main archetype is the Nurturer, the Caregiver with very strong feminine traits. I struggled to find my Inner Hero and my masculine side.


As a child and teenager, I struggled to find my inner strength, my inner power. Especially because of my highly empathic and people-pleasing traits. Like every person, my wounded child showed up. For me it showed up as the rescuer, the victim, the martyr to a very unhealthy degree that I carried it into adulthood. From a very young age, I was described as too sensitive, too emotional, too soft.


But like every hero’s journey, my life dealt me quite a few extreme situations that I had to learn to rise above. For me, it was chronic, disabling, and rare health conditions that impacted different stages and times of my life in different ways. Along with a lot of discrimination, neglect, and lack of compassion from a system that didn't support or help someone like me.


From Victim Archetype To Hero Archetype

But that once shy, extremely fearful, timorous child found her inner strength, found her inner courage. She dug deep and found the tenacity to face and overcome those mountains, those ditches that life would present to me.


I found strength while being predominately housebound and at times bedbound. Determination to find solutions, help, and healing to a rare eye condition, with threatened eye loss. 

Years Iater, I faced all sorts of suspected cancer scares, survived life-threatening sepsis. And even though I end up with all sorts of rare neurological complications that left me with disabling noise sensitivity and a rare form of non-epileptic seizures. 

I still found purpose

Because I was unconsciously tapping into my inner-hero and that collective consciousness of the Hero Archetype.



How To Access The Hero Archetype For Empowerment


There are so many ways to help you access the Heroine or Hero Archetype, for extra strength, courage, and support. If you are like me, definitely more feminine than masculine, more a lightworker than a warrior, more soft than forceful. You may need a little help to unlock the heroine Archetype within.


The Power of Visualisation – Use a powerful image of a powerful hero or heroine archetype to inspire, motivate and empower you. Think of Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc. For the last 6 months, I have had a powerful vision of Joan of Arc, using her shield and a cross of light to basically shield me and help me crusade forward in my own journey as a lightworker and leader/guide for other lightworkers. It has been extremely powerful and strengthening for me.

The Power Of Words – The power of your inner dialogue, the story you tell yourself. When you tell yourself you are weak, too soft, too sensitive, fearful, well that’s what you get. Start healing that inner dialogue, Inner Child Healing can help support you. Learn how to create a new story, an empowering story, I use this is in my Inner Child – Fairytale Writing Sessions. Clients are always surprised how powerful and healing this approach is as well as being fun and creative.

The Power Of Scents: We tend to underestimate the power of scents or smells. But scents can have a tremendous impact on our conscious and subconscious, in our mood and even nervous system. For example, there are many Essential oils that have a strong masculine, grounding scent that can help us be more fully in our body, more centered, and rooted into the earth. While other essential oils can be extremely feminine, floaty, and soft. Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Frankincense can be extremely grounding and can be helpful in balancing the feminine with the masculine. If because of distorted beliefs you over-identify with strong feminine or sensitive traits certain essential oils can be very supportive at embodying more balanced feminine and masculine aspects.

Tap Into The Psyche Of The Hero Archetype – The more you can tap into the mental, emotional and physical psyche of the Heroine or Hero Archetype the more you can embody that Archetype other ways that can support you is by exploring the Hero or Heroine Archetype through films, books, music.

You Are The Hero Or Heroine Of Your Own Story

You can be the hero or heroine of your own story no matter how challenging your life is. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have everything fixed out. You don't have to have overcome all of life’s challenges, to be your own hero. Like every film, story, or book every Hero has their strengths and vulnerabilities. Their imperfections as much as their heroic, warrior, leader, or courageous traits make them more real.


Healing Your Inner Child Wounding

That is why Inner Child Therapy is so powerful because the more you can heal your Inner Child Wounding. You will find it easier to tap into your Inner Hero, tap into your inner resources.


This is a time when we all need to be tapping into our Hero and Warrior Archetype, a time for us to access that fighting spirit. For me, I have inherited a lot of my tenacity from my gran who was a very very strong woman. But over the last year or so I have seen and felt the strong energy of hero and warrior energy of Joan of Arc, an energy that is very supportive for the light warriors and workers of today.


But you don't always need to focus on a hero archetype,  only when you feel that you are guided. Sometimes there is people much closer to you than you realised that has the fighting warrior or hero spirit.






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