Ultimate relaxation therapist
& Teacher training

Become a Professional Relaxation Therapist & Teacher 
with our online extensive expert training.

Teach THOUSANDS of clients and students
 how to relax
how to let go of anxiety
how to let go of stress
 sleep like a baby

With over 30 Tools, Techniques & Strategies used by experts in 
our online self-study plus live webinar training. 

This training is an only self-study program which includes live webinars and sessions.
Most of the training is provided by Stress Management Expert- Eileen Burns with
Bonus sessions from Claire Ryan Heatley & David Rabone 

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additional option for **accreditation only £100 until April 2020
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Become a Relaxation Therapist & Teacher 2020

Bonus Stress Management 101 Certificate of Completion**
for those who sign up by 24th Dec 2019

Must complete and pass all assignments, assessments, quizzes etc**


relaxation therapy techniques
meditation & mindfulness
anxiety & stress management
sleep therapy 
  •  Anxiety Management
  • Basic NLP
  •  Breathing Techniques
  •  Creative/Guided Visualisation
  •  Meditation & Mindfulness
  •  Relaxation Techniques
  • Sleep Therapy
  •  Stress Management

Optional Certificate Relaxation Therapist & Teacher

Students can apply for **Accreditation, achieve a Certificate Relaxation Therapist & Teacher
for only an additional £100 
(Valid until April 2020)*You need to complete, and pass all quizzes, assignments
 and case studies required within 12 months of taking the study



We Want You To Succed As A Relaxation Therapist/Teacher
So our certificated training option includes
a Bonus Business & Marketing Course

Identify & Attract Your Soul Clients

The Team

Eileen Burns

Owner of Stress Coach Training
Stress Management Expert, Coach, Healer, Therapist, Meditation Teacher
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David Rabone

Spiritual Wellness Coach, Healer, Therapist, Qualified Pharmacist, Juice Therapis t

Claire Ryan Heatley

Health, Wellness Coach, Specialises in Pain, Trauma and Stress Management

Previous Student Testimonials

  " I have really enjoyed the training and learnt a huge amount from it. The course has introduced me to all sorts of relaxation methods that I can now use with clients. It has really helped me think about how I can support them by making simple but effective changes to help them manage some of the everyday challenges that cause them stress. I would recommend this course to any therapist who works with stressed out clients as it shows us loads of ways they (and we!) can build in quick effective relaxation techniques into normal day routines"

Anna Stone
Owner & Therapist - Calme Therapies

  " I would recommend this course to any therapist or anyone who aspires to be a therapist. It just makes sense not to just be aware of these techniques but to know how they work on a personal level. That is how in-depth this course is. In the world of Stress/Relaxation if you cannot do it how can you ask your clients to trust you? This is an holistic approach in the true sense of the word, and it is an avenue that doesn't just open new clients but for giving existing clients something new to add to their experience"

Leslie Marsh
Healer & Therapist- Spiral Heart Healing

Pricing & Payment Plans.

Relaxation therapy training 9-MONTH PLAN

£71 a month

Excludes £100 Accreditation Cost

  • Drip Fed Training Over 9 Months
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Live Webinars
  • Business & Marketing Course

relaxation therapy training 6 month plan

£105 a month

Excludes £100 Accreditation Course

  • Drip Fed Training Over 6 Months
  • Facebook Group Support
  •  Live Webinars
  •  Business & Marketing Course

relaxation therapy training 


Excludes £100 Accreditation Course

  • Instant Access To Training
  •  Facebook Group Support
  • Live Webinars
  •  Business & Marketing Course

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