Magical Garden Guided Meditation

Grounding and Healing Guided Meditation for self care and empowerment

Course Summary

A healing  guided meditation for self-care and self-healing

 Feel More Grounded
Feel More Centred
Increased Calm 
Increased Confidence
Increased Self- Esteem
Increased Self-Love
Experience Deep Relaxation
Less Stress 
Less Anxiety

This track is designed to help you get more grounded, calm and centred.

It helps nurture more self-care, more self-love and empowerment 

Particularly for  life's over givers, over carers, empaths, sensitives, healers, mothers, carers

Those who struggle to put their own need's first.

This track also includes energy healing it is created by healer of over 25 years - Eileen Burns.

The track is approx 34 minutes

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Course Curriculum


 "I LOVED, LOVED, this meditation made me relaxed and calm thank you, Eileen"

Lorraine O'Hare

 "The Magical Garden Meditation is so powerful"

Fran O'Connor

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Sensitive Souls Coach is a stress expert, coach, healer and therapist.

Who has been studying holistic wellbeing for over 25 years

Course Pricing

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  • Experience More Calm And Peace
  • Experience More Clarity And Confidence
  • Experience Deeper Inner Connection
  • Increased Self-Care And Self-Love
  • Increased Self-Esteem And Self-Worth
  • Feel More Empowered and Resilient
  • Feel More Relaxed And Rested