The Magic Of Archetypes - Spiritual Self Mastery

Empaths, Healers And Coaches
 Are You Ready To Unlock Your Magic?

Ready to truly identify, own, heal and harness
your most beautiful gifts and strengths.

Unlock more of your life and soul purpose?

Embody your strongest
spiritual and archetypal traits.

What if you could STOP feeling lost, stuck and disconnected?

What if you could STOP feeling
overwhelmed, stop sabotaging your
health and wellbeing.

Learn  how to become more mentally, emotionally and physically resilient by unlocking and harness your most powerful gifts, your strongest archetypal traits.

Empaths, Healers and Coaches

Are you ready to understand your
most powerful strengths and traits?

Ready to truly own your life and spiritual
purpose with more confidence, clarity and ease?


It's Time For YOU...

We have never been at such an important time  for you the world's empaths, healers and lightworkers  to own and shine your beautiful light.  

A time for you to truly awaken to your own light,  heal your deepest shadows and harness your archetypal traits.

It's TIME for you to be YOU

Are YOU ready to  STEP Up Into Your Light?

Are YOU ready to  own more of your soul gifts?

 Are YOU ready to truly live  your life and spiritual path

With much more strength, courage and insight?

The Magic Of Archetypes
Self Mastery Course

Helps you awaken to more of your gifts, powers and strengths.

Helps you healing your inner child and archetypal wounding.

Let go of trauma and distortions that are keeping you small, stopping you do what you are here to do.

About Eileen

Eileen Burns, Empath, HSP and owner of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

Helps empaths, healers and therapists live more of their life aand soul purpose.

Eileen a highly experienced and compassionate  healer,  coach and therapist began studying healling and holistic wellbeing for 30 years.

She began her journey into healing through her own chronic and rare medical challenges and extreme experiences as a highly sensitive person and empath.

Who struggled with her spiritual gifts until she started owning more of her true passions and purpose.

Eileen Burns

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert

The Magic Of Archetypes 
Self Mastery Course

This next 5 week program starts in June 2022

In these 5 weeks we will help you unlock and master your Magical Archetypes.

Help you deep dive, own and heal your power archetypes

Help you unlock more of your most natural gifts, strengths, path and purpose

Unlocking Your Magical Archetype

new dates

Wed 29th June 6.30 -8.30 pm UK Time
Wed 6th July  6.30 - 8.30 pm UK Time
Wed 13th July 6.30-8.30 pm UK Time

Wed 20th July 6.30-8.30pm UK Time
Wed 27th July 6.30-8.30pm UK Time

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 "This course really opened my eyes to who I am as a person. The test Eileen does to determine your main power archetypes was so insightful. I learned to embrace and recognise both light and shadow traits of my 3 main archetypes. It means I can also tap into my power and use the light traits when needed and recognise when I’m dwelling in the shadow traits of my personality .the creator was one of my most prominent archetypes and I felt I have been suppressing this part of my personality. I am now learning to embrace it. Other insights I gained from the course include being able recognise other peoples archetypes at play which can really help when working with clients to understand them on a deeper level.   ." 

Joanne Williams