The Power of Archetypes In Healing, Coaching and Marketing

Free Course For Healers, Coaches and Therapists 
who are ready to go soul deep in their coaching,
 healing, business and marketing.

For you the healers who want to truly awaken, 
 to live your life and soul purpose with more ease.

Attract the soul clients you were born to serve.

Understand The Power Of Archetypes

Right now the world, the universe is asking all light workers to step up
and awaken into your power, into your calling.

But we can only fully awaken and rise up
when we start to face and heal our demons.

We are all unique different a combination of  archetypal traits
that can be our strongest assets or biggest saboteur.

As healers we know how important it is not just to get the training, the skills,
the experience but how vital our own inner work is.

In this webinar we will explore the benefits of archetypal work for your life, your relationships, business and marketing.

Introduction To Archetypes
An introduction to the power, wisdom and strength of archetypes in the conscious and unconscious collective.    

What is Archetypes?  
Understanding what Archetypes how they play out in our own life, our clients life and in the conscious collective      

The Power Of Archetypes
Understanding the power of archetypes in therapy, healing, coaching and marketing.     Understand why recognising your own light and shadow archetypal traits  in your life, relationships and business an help empower and heal


 "After watching the free online class on ‘ the introduction to archetypes ‘I enrolled in Eileen’s four week  Magic Of Archetype's Class. Every time I join a class and learn more , little bits of my inner jigsaw are coming together. I’m learning so much myself. Coming from another industry and being a relative newbie to this type of work and study I finally feel that I am on the right path. Truly knowing myself , the good, the bad and the ugly should help me heal and truly step into my fullest power and potential. I’m really enjoying this course so far and would urge anyone looking to learn more about themselves and their traits to enrol. ." 

Jo Williams

Introduction To Archetypes - Healers, Therapists

Introduction To Archetypes Free Course is designed to introduce healers, coaches and therapists to archetypal therapy

Course Summary

Introduction To Archetypes Course has been created to help therapists, coaches and healers understand the conscious and unconscious collective of main archetypes that are sabotaging your and your clients mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club is a stress management expert, coach, healer and therapist. Who has been providing anxiety and stress management solutions for over 20 years. Eileen began studying healing and holistic wellbeing over 30 years ago. She is highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic and healing disciplines. She has studied Stress Management, Life Coaching, CBT Coaching, Psychology to University Level. Find more about Eileen's qualifications and experience CLICK HERE

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