Ready To Get Soul Deep and
Soul Connected in your daily life, meditation and purpose?

Deep Meditation and Soul Connection

 is a self-study 4 week program for empaths, healers
and those who want to experience deeper states of calm, stillness,
heart and soul guidance in their life, purpose and business.

Soul connection to soul alignment

Inner Calm
and Peace

Experience much deeper states of calm, peace and stillness.

Deeper Heart and
Soul Intelligence

Improve your heart intelligence and soul connection.

Spiritual Growth

 Expand your spiritual growth and spiritual development.

Balanced Mind,
Body and Soul

Helps align and harmonise your mind, body and soul.

This Soul Deep Journey is for you if you want to

 ✅ Achieve Deeper States Of Stillness
 ✅ Deepen Your Soul Connection
 ✅ Expand Your Heart Intelligence
 ✅ Increase Your Intuition & Soul's Guidance
 ✅ Raise Your Vibration and Level of Consciousness
 ✅ Learn Powerful Tools That Quicken The Process  
 ✅ Work Through The Course In Your Own Time

 ❌ Don't want to break the bank
 ❌  Don't want to be taught by a beginner
 ❌  Don't want to rely on a device, app or teacher
 ❌  Don't want to depend on someone else's channel
 ❌  Don't want to rely on divination tools
 ❌  Can't commit to set-weekly live training


Eileen is a highly dedicated and compassionate healer, therapist,  soul empowerment and spiritual business coach. With over 30 years on a holistic and spiritual journey.

Who LOVES helping empaths, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs get more soul-aligned in their life and business.

Owner of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club, eileen offers a wide range of self-study courses, digital products, coaching,healing and mentoring support to help you step into your purpose with more strength and ease.

For more information about Eileen's Qualification's and Experience CLICK HERE

Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer, Therapist
and Spiritual Business Strategist

Course Curriculum

Happy Students

"..I leave the classes feeling incredible, connected to source and bathed in love, and the healing and balancing effects stay with me.
The meditations are the most effective I've ever encountered.
  The course is the real deal if you want to be more soul-aligned, more loving and more effective as a healer- thanks Eileen !"


"The Soul Connection Course has been a
 valuable guiding light on my spiritual journey.
Eileen is generous in sharing her wisdom and spiritual knowledge and keeps you safe as you advance through the stages of the Soul Connection Process. The grounding techniques and guided meditations are powerful in their gentleness, offering a cleansing and nurturing environment for reconnection with self and the stillness within.
Enjoy the journey!" Lou McIvor

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