Money and Energy - Co-Creating A New Earth

How To Increase Our Monetary And Energetic Resources In Creating A New Earth

In this session will be exploring how we can work together to increase our monetary and energetic resources as individuals, business owners and for our communities.

How to be raise our energy and be open to new ways of working and receiving monetary exchanges.

Includes a wealth expansion healing meditation the sessions run for approx 1 hr 30 minutes with an option to stay for a support chat at end

Tuesday, 03 October 2023
12:00 PM BST

Live Webinar Session has ended now.


In this session we will be exploring ways to increase our monetary and energetic resources

Creating A New Earth

How to start creating a new paradigm in business and life

Raising Our Energy To Receive More

How to start raising our energy our worthiness to receive more

Increasing Possible Income Streams

Exploring other possible types of income streams

Support Chat

Each session ends with a support chat

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"Never has there been such an important time for lightworkers and healers to fully awaken to their spiritual gifts and stand in their power and sovereignty" 

As a healer of 30 years who has dedicated most of my life to a deeply spiritual journey. Highly Investing and working with some of the most beautiful and amazing healers around the world.

I have created the lightworkers portal to help support, nurture and empower you at this time, so you can step into your purpose and mission with more strength and ease.

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Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer, Therapist
and Spiritual Business Strategist