The power of colour therapy in Guided Visualisaton

The safe and effective us of colour therapy,
healing and colour psychology in
guided visualisation and meditation.

Therapeutic Use of Colour Therapy
In Guided Visualisation
for Healers and Therapists

In this self-study masterclass you will learn 

How to powerfully and safely use colour therapy in 
guided imagery and guided meditations
 with your clients and students.

Understand the difference between colour therapy,
 colour healing and colour psychology.

Explore the frequency, vibration and energy
of the main colours on the visible spectrum.

Learn the positive and negative use of colour,
how colours can harm or heal.

Become professionally equipped with the right knowledge and skills
 to support your clients and students in a safe therapeutic way.

✔ Reduce Anxiety And Stress
✔ Encourage Better Quality Sleep
✔ Soothe Nervous System
✔ Inspire Creativity
✔ Ignite More Energy
✔ Increase motivation 

In this masterclass you will learn

  • Understand Colour
  • Eye, Brain and Colour
  • The Visible Colour Spectrum
  • What is Colour Therapy?
  • What is Colour Healing?
  • Chakra Colours
  • What is Colour Psychology?
  • Colour Can Harm Or Heal
  • The Properties Of Different Colours
  • The Therapeutic Use of Colour in Guided Visualisation

24 Hours Access to this course in our online training platform

This course is for healers, therapists and coaches who support others with their mental, physical and emotional welllbeing

This session is a pre-recorded webinar session of approx 80 minutes

This course is one of the self-study courses provided by Stress Coach Training School

Course Curriculum

Latest Tesimonial

 " The Therapeutic Use of Colour in Guided Visualisation course led by Eileen Burns was very thorough.  It gave me a greater understanding of how colour affects our moods and well-being.  The course explored the different associations and vibration that each colour emitted and explained how colour can heal or disrupt our electro-magnetic fields both physically, emotionally and spiritually.    

Eileen was very knowledgeable about the subject and the course was well presented.  As a holistic student it gave me an insight of how I could use calming colours in my future practice.  

Eileen also delved into the 7 chakras with the colour and location of each one and what they represented in terms of their energetic centre.  There were slides to show this in diagram which showed the spectum of chakra colours from the base to the top of the body.    

The course exceeded my expectations as it gave me so much insight in such a small timeframe and
 I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants an explore the 
therapeutic use of colour in Guided Visualisation.." 

Odette Garvey
Therapist and Coach

Eileen is a highly qualified and experienced healer, coach and therapist who has dedicated the last 30 years of her life to a deeply healing and spiritual journey. 

Highly Investing and working with some of the most beautiful and amazing healers around the world.

She is passionate about helping helping, therapists and coaches create a more soul-aligned business, using powerful, safe and effective approaches.

For more information about Eileen's Qualification's and Experience CLICK HERE

Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer, Therapist
and Spiritual Business Strategist

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