Healers, Lightworkers

Are you ready to expand and
develop your intuitive and spiritual gifts?

Ready to deepen your soul connection?

Heal your inner child and archetypal wounding?

So you can step into your life and soul mission
 with more clarity, strength and power?

Helping You Be The Light You Are Here To Be...

"Never has there been such an important time for lightworkers and healers to fully awaken to their spiritual gifts and stand in their power and sovereignty" 

As a healer of 30 years, I have dedicated most of my life to  living in a deeply spiritual way.

Expanding and growing by investing highly in myself, working with some of the most beautiful and amazing healers around the world.

I have created the lightworkers portal to help support, nurture and empower you at this time, encouraging you to step into your purpose and mission with ease and strength.

For more information about Eileen's qualifications and experience


Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer, Therapist
and Spiritual Business Strategist

The Lightworkers Portal

Spiritual Development - Healing - Soul Alignment

The lightworkers portal is a spiritual development platform created
 to support lightworkers and healers like you awaken, expand and grow.

So you can fully step into your life and soul purpose,
your soul's mission with power, strength and deep soul connection.

A learning hub and community of love, healing and nurturing by highly experienced healer, 
therapist and coach Eileen Burns,
 who has had over 30 years studying in this field.

Each level of membership gives you a different level of access to a wide range of tools, meditations, healing transmissions, coaching courses and live sessions.

Levels Of Membership

✩Quantum Level Membership includes all content plus monthly Quantum Manifesting Group and bi-weekly create new earth life and business session
(the premier content is highlighted with a star✩).
🤍Gold Level Membership includes all of the silver membership content plus new earth life and business bi-weekly sessions🤍.

Silver Level Membership is our basic plan self-paced option

 Archetypal Work 🤍

Divine Feminine 🤍

 Energy Clearing 🤍

Grounding Techniques 

Inner Child Work 🤍

 Intuition/Psychic Development 🤍

  Life and Soul Purpose ✩

 Quantum Manifestation ✩

 Soul Alignment ✩

  Colour Therapy ✩

  Connection with Self 🤍

 Empaths and HSP Sessions🤍

Healing Transmissions

 Introduction to NLP ✩

 Law of Attraction ✩

Meditation Techniques 🤍

 Shadow Work/Ego Work 🤍

 Soul Connection ✩


Self Study Membership

  • Healing Transmissions
  • Traditional Meditation Pod
  • Clearing & Protection 101
  • Grounding Tools
  • 24 Hour Self-Study Access
  • Access to over £500 worth 

Investment £33 a month

£22 a month today


 Self Study

  • Silver Level Membership
  • Inner Child Library
  • Archetype Masterclass Library 
  • Create New Earth Bi-Weekly Sessions
  • 5 Pillars Business Success
  • 24 Hour Self-Study Access
  • Access to over £2000 worth of content 

£44 a month today

starts sept

Quantum Shift Coaching  Membership

  • Silver Level Membership
  • Gold Level Membership
  •  Monthly Quantum Manifesting Sessions
  • 12  Months Access Creating New Earth Group ( Biz & Life)
  • 24 Hour Self-Study Access
  • Telegram Support
  • Access to over £4000 worth of content, lives and support

Investment £888


  • 🤍 Breaking Out Of The Matrix 🤍 Wed 6th Sept 12-1pm BST
  • 🤍Creating New Earth Session 1 🤍 - Wed 20th Sept 12-1.15pm
  • ✩ Quantum Manifesting ✩ Sun 27th Sept 6 pm BST ( last sun each month)

  • 🤍Creating New Earth Session 2 🤍 Tue 3rd Oct 12- 1.30 PM  UK 
  • 🤍Creating New Earth Session 3 🤍 Wed 18th Oct 12- 1.30 PM  UK  
  • ✩Quantum Manifesting✩ Sun 29th Oct 6pm BST ( last sun each month)

Course Curriculum

✩ Monthly Quantum Magic Group ✩

Sign up for our ✩ Quantum Package ✩ and get access
to our monthly Quantum Magic Group
which starts sun 22nd Oct 7pm UK Time
( last sunday of every month same time)

Membership Investment

  • Silver Level
  • £22

    per month

    Silver Level Membership - A Library Of Healing Transmissions, Meditations, Lightworkers Tools, Psychic Development

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  • Monthly Healing Transmissions
  • Grounding Tools
  • Energy Clearing & Protection
  • Meditation Pod
  • Gold Level special offer today
  • £44

    per month

    Gold Membership includes access Lightworkers Membership, Monthly Archetypal Coaching and Healing, Spiritual Development Tools

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  • Silver Level Content
  • Intuitive & Psychic Development Modules
  • Inner Child Masterclasses
  • Archetypal Masterclasses
  • 5 Pillars Of Spiritual Business Success
  • Weekly Telegram Community Support ( Lightworker Portal Group)
  • Access to over £2000 worth of content and +live support
  • Quantum Level - Special Offer
  • £888

    per year

    12 months access to Silver, Gold + Quantum Level - Monthly Live Quantum Manifesting Session, Business Growth Group & Bonuses

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  • Gold & Silver Membership Content
  • Monthly Quantum Manifesting Group/Class
  • Monthly Business Growth Strategy Group
  • Soul Connection Program
  • Life and Soul Purpose Masterclass
  • Telegram Community (Lightworkers Portal Gold, Quantum only)
  • Coming Soon! Soul-Aligned Vision Boarding
  • £100 VOUCHER Business & Marketing Content
  • Access to over £5000 worth of content, courses and live support