Empower Your Inner Child To Empower The Hero You

Fairytale Writing 1 & 2 Session
Sat 20th April & Sat 27th April 10 am - 11.30 am BST

Recordings Will be Available

A Magical and Fun Therapeutic Introduction To Creative Writing
 To Heal And Empower Your Inner Child

These 2 sessions are designed to help shift you mentally and emotionally
 from old trauma and stories from childhood,
 that are holding you back,
keeping you small and insecure.

So you can begin to step into your inner hero
with courage, strength and power

Saturday, 27 April 2024
10:00 AM BST

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Create Your Own Magical Story
A deep exploration and advernture to heal and empower your inner child and adult you. Access your inner hero, heroine,
create your own powerful magical healing story.

Experience Fun and Creativity

Empower your inner child

Increase Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Increase Your Personal Power and Sovereignty


Eileen Burns, is a highly sensitiv empath who helps empaths, healers and therapists
live more of their life and soul purpose.

A highly experienced and compassionate  healer,  
coach and therapist who has been studying healing and holistic wellbeing for over 30 years.

Who began her own journey into healing through her own chronic and rare medical challenges and extreme experiences as a highly sensitive person and empath.

Her journey took her on a the path where she has worked with and studied with many highly inspiring  spiritual teachers and healers,
around the world which has included Ed Strachar,
Dr Karen Kan, Patricia Missakian, Tammy  Majchrzak, Caroline Myss Institute...

Eileen Burns

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert

Previous Testimonials

Inner Child Fairytale Writing Workshop

I enjoyed this immensely
 "Loved taking part in this...
 bringing in different characters such hero, heroine, villain,. Giving yourself a superpower...
a really good way to explore any issues and writing it down is particularly helpful...

I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommended."


Inner Child Fairytale Writing Workshop

a really powerful learning
 " the write your fairytale" module of the healing your inner child course is a great introduction to the healing your inner child work. Eileen's meditation, as always worked deeply to gently surface and resolve long buried issues. The fairy tale aspect can be a fun excercise..."

Sarah D

Live Workshop 1 & 2 Investment

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    This is a 2 part workshop over 2 weekends, access to lives and recordings

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