Free Inner Child Healing Webinar

Release Your Magical Child

Release Your Magical Child

Free Healing Session Recording with Eileen Burns

Ready For Some Magic and Miracles?

We all come into this world with our own unique beautiful gifts. 

In many ways our own magic to share with the world.

But instead of owning, nurturing, loving those soul gifts

so many of us hide, deny and or suppress those gifts.

Often because of trauma, unhealthy conditioning and distorted beliefs.

Release Your Magical Child

this  Free Webinar is designed to help you unlock more of your magic

help you own more of your innocent, pure and magical light

to help you move forward through 2021 with more

faith, hope and magic that lies within you.

 Eileen Burnsis a a highly experienced healer, coach and therapist

 who began her own journey into healing in the early 90's

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Your Magical Child

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