Heal Your Inner Child - Fairytale Writing

Heal Your Inner Child - Fairytale Writing 1

 Empower And Heal The Adult You 
Through Inner Child Healing and Storytelling 
an introduction to inner child work through therapeutic writing

In this session you will learn how to

Connect With Your Inner Child
Explore Your Own Hero Or Heroine Traits
Magically Transform Old Trauma
Create, Write Your Own Fairytale Ending

whilst held in a deeply healing and supportive space 
with highly experienced healer and therapist - Eileen Burns

Main Benefits of this course include

Increased Emotional Wellbeing
Increased Clarity and Self-Confidence
Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
Increased Creativity And Passion

Healthier Mindset and Mental Resilience
Healthier Boundaries
Healthier Relationships
Healthier Inner Child and Adult You

Pre-Recorded Group Video Session - 1 hour
BONUS Guided Meditation Mp3

You can be confident you are in safe hands throught out this self-study session
Eileen Burns is a highly experienced and qualified healer and therapist
with over 28 years studying holistic and spiritual wellbeing.



 "The "Write Your Fairytale" Module of the Healing Your Inner Child 
Course is a great introductory to the healing your inner child work. 
Eileen's meditation, as always worked deeply to gently surface
and resolve deeply buried issues

The fairytale aspect can be a fun exercise. For me it revealed a 
deeper bitterness and revulsion for happy endings which 
I didn't realise I had in me. This was a really powerful learning 
for me and something I'm still working with to open 
myself up to the possibility of happy endings, 
prince charmings and magical things in my own life."  


It's time to have some fun, healing
and magic in your life.