Angelic Dreaming
Soothing Sleep Meditation

Deep Healing Soothing Meditation

Drift off experiencing this wonderful soft, soothing angelic healing  transmission designed to help clear and heal you as you drift off into a deeply nurturing and comforting sleep.

Angel Healing Sleep Meditation mp3

Angelic Dreaming

Angelic dreaming is a soothing healing transmission,
 created to help you awaken your heart and soul,
expand your consciousness,
deepen your spiritual connection,
heal your nervous system and energy field,
 as you relax and let go of your pain,
worries and anxieties at this time.

A channeled healing meditation by
highly experienced healer of 30 years Eileen Burns


Angelic Healing Meditation



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Tanya Crone Crone

Very comforting and relaxing.

Absolutely wonderful! So grounding and comfting, it was like having a comforting healing blanket wrapped around me. Helps me sleep so much better too.

7 months ago


Eileen Burns, Empath, HSP and owner of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

Helps empaths, healers and therapists live more of their life aand soul purpose.

Eileen a highly experiencedand compassionate  healer,  coach and therapist who has been studying healling and holistic wellbeing for over 30 years.

She began her journey into healing through her own chronic and rare medical challenges and extreme experiences as a highly sensitive person and empath.

Her journey took her on a the path where she has studied with many highly dedicated powerful and b
eautiful healers and spiritual teachers around the world which has included Ed Strachar, Dr Karen Kan, Patricia Missakian, Tammy  tammy Majchrzak, David Rabone....

Eileen Burns

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert

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